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July 2007

By Rochelle - Posted on 10 July 2007

Uninats News

Less than 12 weeks to go until Uninats 2007 Sydney! We hope you've been practicing... Here are the latest updates from the Sydney organisers:

Registration is OPEN

Registration for Uninats 2007 is now OPEN. Reserve your place for Uninats by registering at the uninats registration website

Early registration saves you $15 off the full price, and early registrations take priority if any events are over-subscribed, so register now!

Free Registration for Non-Riders

If you have any non-riders accompanying you (friends, parents/guardians etc.) they should register (for free) as non-riders. This is so they can be covered as volunteers by our insurance. If they are not registered, they can't help out at events (or help you) or be in some areas of some of the venues.

Uninats Poster

We have an official Uninats 2007 advertising poster, featuring Alex Toms (world record holder for the high drop), designed by Ashley Curtis (current Australian 400m champion!). Printed copies are being sent to uni- and bike- shops and venues, but it would be great if you can download and print copies for your local school or club. See and download the poster on the Uninats website.

Uni Video Competition

After a number of requests, we've arranged to have a Uni video competition. The videos will be shown during the stand-up buffet at the Saturday night party, and the winner will be chosen by popular vote. (There may even be a prize!). We'd like to keep each video to a 5 minute maximum, so you can compile the best bits from your latest masterpiece, or get out with the camera next weekend! Watch out for more entry information on the Uninats website.

We also need a data projector to run this, so if anyone in Sydney (or maybe Canberra) has one they can bring along, please contact the secretary!

Unusual Unicycles Workshop

If you have a giraffe, ultimate, BC wheel, Coker, three-wheeler, two-wheeler (!) or any other odd machine, there will be a lot of riders who would like to see it (and who would love to have a go if you're willing). If you have a "different" unicycle of some kind, please bring it to Sydney if you possibly can, and head for the "Unusual Unicycles" workshop we're scheduling on the Saturday.

Simon Wells standing aside to encourage new riders in the Freestyle

Simon Wells, Australian Freestyle Champion, has decided to stand aside as a competitor in this years freestyle event, to encourage new riders into the competition. Simon will be a judge in the competition instead, and will perform for us at the opening ceremony and the Saturday night party. Simon has also offered to teach a workshop on "Advanced Skills" for interested

Coker Race

After having six Coker riders meet up at the Human-Powered Vehicle festival, we've had requests to include a Coker race and possibly a time-trial (flying 200 style). This will be arranged for the E.S. Marks athletics track on Sunday 30th. Bring your big wheel...

Extra Riding for Early Arrivals and Late Leavers

For those up for a really big weekend, there'll be plenty of options for extra rides before and after Uninats. On Friday afternoon, you can ride the 25k Cooks River Bay-to-Bay (or a slightly easier Station-to-Station), and on Monday afternoon there should be more Street and more Hockey (for those not heading to the airport)... More details will be on the website.

Accommodation Reminder

If you are traveling alone and are interested in sharing a group unicycling room at Billabong Gardens, details are on the Uninats accommodation pages, but the deadline for booking this is approaching. Information on other accommodation options is also available.

Regional News

Asia-Pacific unicycle hockey convention

The Asia-Pacific unicycle hockey convention (APacHC) 2007 is on the 3 - 4 Nov 2007 in Singapore. There are at least four teams participating in the game. Anyone who is interested to go to Singapore for that weekend, please contact Maxime (jinzhanglee [at] yahoo [dot] com), who is organising the event and Ashley Curtis (chickenloaf_au [at] yahoo [dot] com) who is putting together an
Australian team. Several Sydney unicyclists have already expressed an interest in going.

Muni-ing in Hong Kong

Rod Lambert reports:

Here are some photos from Hong Kong in May when I visited on a work sponsored study tour. The mountain trail runs down into Aberdeen on the Hong Kong island. Pictured are Martin Turner (left) and Rob Rogers (with dog) at the top of the trail on Sunday 6th May 2007.


The Hockey photo was taken after a vigorous game on Monday 7 May in a suburb called North Point, also on the main island. Rob is on the left.


Second from the left is Barry Clearwater also visiting from Australia (Barry was one of the Coker riders who appeared in the May newsletter). Note that some of the youngest (and smallest) players were excellent hockey "goal sneaks". One of these is pictured (and played) on a 16" wheel. I can also say that my reception by the Hong Kong group of riders was most hospitable and I would like to publicly offer thanks for this extremely warm welcome.

More information about unicycling in Hong Kong can be obtained on

AUS Membership Renewals

AUS membership for the 2006/07 year was valid until June 30th 2007. Membership renewals for 2007/08 (and 2008/09) are now available. Renewing within 3 months of your old membership expiring saves you $5. You can renew your 2006/07 membership online

Receiving the newsletter

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