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June 2007

By Rochelle - Posted on 04 June 2007

Survey Results

We had 50 responses to the Uninats survey, which is fantastic. Statistics will be published on the website soon, along with a summary of peoples suggestions (and what we plan to do about them)!

Accommodation Information

Due to a number of requests in the survey, the AUS has organised some information about accommodation options for Uninats 2007, for those traveling to Sydney.

Need a bed? If you are an independent traveler and you are interested in sharing group unicycling rooms, we have arranged with Billabong Gardens, Newtown (see above) to co-ordinate arrangements. See this page for more information.


Uninats Registrations will open soon - we're just waiting for confirmation of fees for public parks and catering costs for the social function.

Upcoming events

Unicycle hockey match, Sunday 10th June - Brisbane


There's a unicycle hockey match being planned in Brisbane - all riders welcome.

Date: Sunday 10th June, 2007

Time: 2.30 PM onwards

Venue: The basketball courts in the park on Payne Road, The Gap

Please RSVP as we need a minimum of 8 riders to make it work. The more the merrier.

There will be several hockey sticks for you to borrow if you do not own one. If you are bringing your own, the type that you need is an ice hockey or roller hockey stick - not a field hockey stick. Please take the time to learn the rules of the game which can be found here

Hockey can result in unintended bumps and crashes so please make sure that you come wearing covered shoes, a helmet and any other safety gear that makes you feel comfortable.

Wayne - wayne [at] jester [dot] com [dot] au

Singapore Unicycle Hockey Weekend 3rd/4th November

The Asia-Pacific unicycle hockey convention (APacHC) 2007 is confirmed to be set on the 3rd and 4th of Nov 2007, in Singapore.  So far, we have 4 teams participating in the game. Anyone else who is still interested to come to Singapore for the uni-hockey weekend, please contact me asap so that I can plan the bout arrangements accordingly.

More details will be made available soon - Maxim - jinzhanglee [at] yahoo [dot] com

Woodford Folk Festival 2007

Applications for the Woodford Folk Festival are currently due for the next festival (Dec 27 - 1 Jan).

Unfortunately Paul Carr won't be able to make it this time, and is therefore looking for somebody to volunteer to organise the AUS presence this year. Paul says "It is not a huge amount of work and it is great fun to be involved with. I am happy to offer assistance to anyone who puts up their hand to take it on."

If you're interested, the application needs to be submitted soon, so contact Paul at pdc [at] rsc [dot] anu [dot] edu [dot] au

Ride the Lobster event

Ride the Lobster is an 800km international unicycle race, to be held 16-20th June 2008. Nova Scotia, Canada. If you think you're up for this one check out the details at:


Chiltern MuniUni Weekend

Mal Bird

The MuniUni weekend was held again at Chiltern, Victoria on the 19th and 20th of May.

Although we had a small turn up compared to the previous years, the riders who committed to the weekend were enthusiastic, energetic and had some great riding. The format was similar to the previous years, with trials at Lake Anderson, bush riding in the afternoon and on Sunday, more bush riding covering many kilometers and challenges. We rode a lot more distance on Saturday morning than previous events by doing two rides around Chiltern and the village's outskirts including the railwaystation and the main street.

Mal, Byron and Laurence in Chiltern

On Saturday afternoon we rode the Skeleton Hill Loop on Municycles followed by a fast XC ride along Ballarat Road on 36'ers. Skeleton Hill has some steep uphill and downhill sections and proved to be a challenging track with great scenery and views. Riding the 36'ers along a Ballarat Road which is a fast dirt road was a great experience with only one UPD!

On Sunday a few more riders turned up and we attacked Bull Ant Track which is a technical XC ride and followed this by riding some steep downhill sections near Bull Ant
Track. After that, the survivors, the fit and the determined drove to Pipeline Track to conquer on one wheel a steep and challenging downhill ride.

Crashing Pipeline

The event concentrated on distance Muni and cross country along with a basic trials course at the meeting area.

Thanks to the riders and supporters including Guy and Peter from

Royal National Park Ride


Sydney & Wollongong unicyclists recently took to the Royal National Park (south of Sydney) to check out potential tracks for the muni for Uninats 07. A preferred route
has been worked out, and we've applied to the National Parks for official permission to use the track.

Uninats Muni Hunters
Testing the track

Darwin Report

Debbie Hyder

Just letting you know that the Darwin unicyclists are getting together a formidable unicycle basketball/unicycle hockey team for Uninats this year. We've begun practising now on a weekly basis and are having so much fun!

We also had our first ever night unicycle ride just a few weeks ago. It seems like we've now got a small but committed group of hard core riders who are keen to get together weekly now.... it's fantastic!