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May 2007

By Rochelle - Posted on 01 May 2007


Uninats 2007 Dates and Venues Confirmed

The Australian Unicycling Society is pleased to announce confirmation of venues and dates for the 2007 Australian Unicycling Nationals (Uninats). Details can be found on the AUS website home page. Keep watching the website for more information on the programme and registration details.

If you haven't done it already, please take time to fill out the Uninats Survey

Singapore riders plan unicycle hockey tournament - 1 November 2007

Get your hockey sticks ready - there's a plan afoot to hold an Asia Pacific Unicycle Hockey tournament in Singapore in early November 2007. If you're interested in going and forming a team, contact the AUS secretary to be put in touch with other players who are going. More details as they arise, or contact Maxim: jinzhanglee [at] yahoo [dot] com

2008 Unitour call for interested riders

Ken Looi (Guiness Book World Record holder for longest distance ridden on a unicycle in 24 hours) is putting together another Unitour for 2008. The plan is for a southern hemisphere summer Unitour (Jan/Feb 2008). The choices being considered are:

  • North Vietnam "The Uninam Tour"

  • India "The Induni Tour"

  • China, Yunnan Province "The Chinuni Tour or Yunnanuni Tour"

Have a look at Grasshopper Adventures for photos and ideas of the above tours. The tours will be tailored to suit unicyclists, but the aim is for a 14 day Unitour with approximately 500km riding, and several rest days in between.

The tours are fully supported with support vehicle, most meals, accommodation provided. If you would like to be on the Unitours mailing list, contact ken [dot] looi [at] gmail [dot] com


Unicyclists rock at Alternative Cycling Festival and OzHPV Challenge

Congratulations to all those who took part - sounds like a great event! - Ed.

Alan Ball (festival organiser) sent us this note:

A huge thank you to AUS unicyclists who attended the 2007 Alternative Cycling Festival and OzHPV Challenge event in Melbourne. You made quite an impact! Your enthusiastic participation in challenge events plus your unicycle demonstration was enjoyed by all and contributed to a great atmosphere. Your demonstration of the performance capabilities of riders and unicycles was eye-opening. Tom Lambert's 27.09km/hr in the (slightly uphill!) flying 200m was simply amazing! Rod also clocked a very creditable 20.42km/hr, and Malcolm 16.38km/hr.)

Photos from the weekend are available at the following sites:

We hope you all enjoyed it as much as we did and look forward to seeing some more unicycles next year! Rod Lambert has let us know that he has never seen a line of 6 Cokers & riders in Australia before, so Melbourne must be the Coker capital of Australia.

Photos from Rod Lambert

Tom Lambert & Alan Ball at the Oz HPV Concourse d'Elegance outside the Mechanics Institute in Clyde on Saturday 30th April.

6-pack of Cokers

Left to Right are Tom Lambert (Canberra), Mal Bird (Chiltern), Rod Lambert (Canberra), Geoff Robinson (Melbourne), Barry Clearwater, Nick Clearwater

Melbourne Riders who participated in the Oz HPV - Max Rogers, Barry Clearwater, Nick Clearwater, Geoff Robinson.


Unicycles for sale

Kris Holm 24" Muni $450 plus postage. Good Condition p1000304.JPG

Miyata Deluxe 24" $250 plus postage. Good Condition p1000305.JPG

Contact Chris Vevers, chris [at] afmagic [dot] com or on 0419302904