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September 2007

By Rochelle - Posted on 16 September 2007

Uninats News

Only 2 weeks to go until the biggest event of the Australian Unicycle Calendar - we hope you've been practicing! Here's what we've been up to in the last few weeks:

  • The detailed timetable of events has been put up on the Uninats website - check it out so you don't miss your favourite event.

  • We have hired a minibus to help transport people without their own vehicles on Sunday (between the 10K and track) and Monday (for the Muni). Please share/offer rides where you can, but we'll be able to make sure nobody is stuck.

  • After another Trials/Street building day in Sydney (thanks to APEC), we have quite a pile of 'stuff' to challenge your skills. Sydney riders have not been allowed to practice on it!

  • We have put together the electronic timing equipment needed for speed trials, so there will be a 'flying 100' competition, to determine the fastest Australian unicyclist, at the track event on Sunday. We have clocked Ashely at an unofficial 21.9km/hr on a 24" wheel. Helmets required, Coker optional!

  • Basketball is giving us trouble - there are no goals at the main venue, and we haven't yet found cheap portable goals. We may need to hold the basketball up the road at a local playground, unless someone can help with this.

Uninats Party Update

The Saturday night unicycling party is coming together, and we're ready to announce the secret party theme: 'Glow!'

If you have anything that is luminous, glow in the dark, fluorescent, lights up or is just really shiny, bring it along and wear it or attach it to your wheel, ready for playing unicycle games in the dark!

Torches, LED lights, luminous balls, electric yo-yo's and anything else that you can see in the dark should also look great when there are lots of riders (we have more than 50 people for the party, so far), and should add a new dimension to Gladiators!

Note: Registrations for the Saturday party night will close on Monday 24th September, as we have to give final numbers to the catering company. You won't be able to register for the party on arrival in Sydney - book in advance. The party should be loads of fun - unicycle games, videos, food, DJ, pretty lights - so please book ahead if you want to attend.

Uninats Reminders

  • You will need plastic pedals and non-marking tyres for indoor riding on Saturday - will have stocks available, or plan ahead!

  • Remember to bring safety gear appropriate for each event - minimum will be a helmet and gloves, but you'll need more (e.g. shin pads) for Trials, Muni and other harder events.

  • Bring your own sunscreen, water bottle and minor first aid treatment (some antiseptic, band-aids and a bandage). We will have a first-aid kit and first-aider volunteers in case of serious injuries, but you should be able to deal with the usual bumps and scrapes of unicycling by yourself.

  • Internet Registrations for Uninats 2007 will close on Thursday 27th. You can still register on arrival in Sydney, but you'll save $5 (and us lots of paperwork) if you register in advance.

  • Remember, for insurance purposes, all Uninats participants must be an AUS member at the time of UniNats. You can join AUS on arrival, but it would be helpful if you can fill out your membership form in advance and bring it with you.

  • If you are registering on arrival, beware that we won't be able to accept credit cards - cash or cheque only please.

Notice of AUS General Meeting

Saturday 29 September

As usual, the AUS General Meeting will be held during Uninats (not boring!). This year, the meeting will be held at Carriageworks on Saturday 29 September 2007, at 5:15pm. The agenda for the meeting will be as follows:

  1. Welcome to Members

  2. Address by Chair

  3. Review of AUS provisional accounts

  4. Presentation and voting on proposals for UniNats 2009 (or 2008!)*

  5. Presentation and discussion of proposals and organising committee for UNICON 2010**

  6. Election of AUS committee members for 2008/9

  7. Any Other Business

  8. Close

*If you would like Uninats 2009 to happen in your town, please bring your proposal for presentation and voting at the general meeting

**Australia has been awarded the rights to host UNICON XV in 2010. Firm proposals for organising this event must be ready for presentation at the AUS AGM. If there are no firm commitments to host the event by this time, the AUS will need to withdraw its application from the International Unicycling Federation.

Uninats Preparations

Trials Gear Piles Up ES Marks Stadium - Venue for Track & Field, Trials, Street
Trials Gear Piles Up in Alexandria ES Marks Stadium - Venue for the Track & Field, Trials and Street

Other Event News

Bendigo on Wheels

The City of Greater Bendigo is excited to present the inaugural Bendigo on Wheels festival to be held on Sunday, October 14, 2007.

For the past two years, Bendigo has been host to one of the stages of the Jayco Herald Sun Tour. This year will see Bendigo host the opening stage of this highly regarded cycling event. Bendigo has seen the opportunity to develop its own cycling festival - Bendigo on Wheels - that is designed to stay with the City into the future. Approximately a one kilometre square of the city will be closed to traffic and the community is invited to cycle, skate, ride, scoot, wheel or walk into the centre of the city to enjoy the events taking place.

Anne Henshall, the project leader, has invited the AUS to take part in this new event, which is planned to become an annual fixture This should be a great opportunity to promote unicycling to a lot of unfortunate "normal" cyclists :-)

If you are a Victorian rider, this would be a great chance to have a get-together, especially if you don't manage to make it to Uninats! Any Riders who are interested in taking part, please contact the AUS Secretary, and we will co-ordinate and put you in touch with Anne.

Unicycling Articles

Technique corner: IDLING

By John Drummond

Idling is easy now, now that I've been doing it for years. Getting it was harder than it should have been, because it really isn't difficult. The best part about idling: one you get it, it'll soon lead to other advanced skills. Immediately after learning to idle, I was able to ride backwards.

Follow these steps:
1. Mount the unicycle, holding onto a chair railing or chain-link fence.
2. Move your pedals to the 12:00 and 6:00 position.
3. Put all your weight on your lower foot. Stand on it!
4. Rock the lower pedal between 4:00 and 8:00 (viewing it from the side), back and forth, back and forth until the action feels smooth. Your "pivot" point will be in the area of your shoulders, meaning your shoulders will be stationary while the wheel rolls forward and backward. If you were able to do a somersault with your unicycle, your shoulders would be the center of the circle.
5. Move away from the chair railing.
6. Mount the unicycle, spreading your arms straight out from your side, like wings. This will help you balance. Remember that your shoulders serve as your pivot point.
7. Put all your weight on your lower foot.
8. Rock the lower pedal between 4:00 and 8:00, back and forth, back and forth. If this is awkward, return to the chair railing and practice there until it's more comfortable.

Give yourself a couple of hours of uninterrupted practice time. Like anything else, the more you practice, the better you'll be.