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Membership of the Australian Unicycle Society is open to all - riders and non-riders, Australians and internationals. Check out the benefits of membership to see why you should join.


The AUS uses a set single period for membership, which expires on the 30th June each year for all members. Any member who attends an AUS event or club is a financial member of AUS for that year through a payment included in their club or event fees.

The first time you attend an AUS event or club you will need to complete the AUS membership form. You only need to do this once and do not need to submit a new form for other events or in subsequent years.

How to Apply

You cannot currently apply to join the AUS online - for insurance and legal reasons we need a signed paper application form. You can complete the application form in one of three ways:

Through your club

You can apply for AUS membership through your local affiliated unicycling club or organisation - they should ask you to complete an AUS membership form the first time you attend a meeting.

At an AUS event

Download, print and fill out the AUS Membership application form and bring it to any AUS official event. Note if you are under 18 years of age, the form must be signed by a parent or guardian.

Directly to the AUS

Download, print and fill out the AUS Membership application form and send it by post to the AUS Secretary at the address at the bottom of the form. There is no payment required however you will not be a financial (full) member until you attend an AUS club or event.

Membership Renewals

If you were an AUS member in the last membership year your membership renewal is automatic when you attend an AUS event in subsequent years.


If you have any questions about your membership, contact the AUS Secretary - aus_secretary [at] unicycling [dot] org [dot] au

Application Form

You will need Adobe Acrobat or other PDF software to view and print the form below.

AUS-Individual-Membership-Form-2017-v1.pdf168.57 KB