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Thank you for your interest in becoming a member of the Australian Unicycle Society. Being a member of the Australian Unicycling Society has a number of benefits:

Exclusive participation in AUS unicycling events, including UniNats

Membership allows you to participate in any event run under the auspices of the Australian Unicycling Society, including through its affiliated assocations, clubs and official event organisers.
Membership is required for attendance at the Australian Unicycling National Championships (UniNats).


The AUS provides third party public liability insurance a limited personal accident insurance for all members, officials and volunteers at any time when they are participating in official events or activities of the AUS.

Local Club Support

Some local unicycling clubs are affiliated with the AUS. You need to be a member of the AUS to be a member of these clubs. The registered events and activities of these clubs are covered by AUS insurance.


The AUS produces a regular on-line newsletter, containing articles about both local and international unicycling news. The newsletter is e-mailed for free to AUS members.

Members discounts and offers

Members qualify for discounts on unicycles and equipment through businesses and individuals who offer generous support for the work of the AUS.

International Representation

The AUS is recognised as the peak body for Unicycling in Australia by the International Unicycling Federation.

Recognition of Australian Records

The AUS keeps track of records achieved by Australian members of the AUS in IUF-style events and competitions, both in Australia and overseas.

Sponsorship of International Visitors

AUS membership helps to contribute to our program of bringing in international guests to our national events. This has been especially valuable at inspiring young riders and those who have not been able to visit international events like Unicon, to open their eyes to some of the things that it is possible to do with unicycles.

Helping to evolve unicycling in Australia

It is an exciting time for unicycling in Australia - there has been a dramatic increase in the quality and range of unicycle equipment in the last 10 years, and a increasing specialisation of unicycles and unicyclists into certain aspects of unicycling, and yet a great increase in the opportunities to meet up with others who share that specialisation. Contributing to the AUS helps us to continue this trend, and ensure that unicycling will be even more exciting for current and new riders in the future.