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Nov-Dec 2006

By Rochelle - Posted on 04 December 2006

Hi everyone and welcome to the November/December 2006 edition of the AUS Newsletter!

Due to the holiday season (and moving house), this will be the last newsletter for 2006. We're sure there will be plenty of unicycling taking place over the Christmas/New Year period, so if you've got news, pictures, stories or information to contribute to the AUS Newsletter, better send them to the AUS Newsletter Editor at: aus_newsletter [at] unicycling [dot] com [dot] au ( aus_newsletter [at] unicycling [dot] org [dot] au) otherwise Santa won't be bringing you that new KH saddle...


Call for unicyclists to perform at the Woodford Folk Festival

When - 27th December 2006 - 1st January 2007

Where - Located just outside the town of Woodford, about an hour and a half drive north of Brisbane.

Who - We are looking to put together a team of unicyclists who want to come along and have fun promoting our sport at the biggest and most progressive folk festival in Australia. Freestyle and trials displays, games (hockey, sumo, jousting etc), slalom and obstacle courses, muni demos and group rides have all featured in previous years. We need talented riders to help in all of these categories and if you have some other skills, such as juggling, you can throw them in as well.

What - This fantastic festival of international standing comprises over 400 events including concerts, dances, workshops, a fire spectacular, and has the most extensive street theatre program of any Australian festival. It's all on its own site, that is transformed into a large, friendly, funky, and often surreal village for the six days and six nights of the festival. Check out the web site at

As part of the AUS Team Woodford you will be required to:

  • be a financial member of the AUS (and thereby covered for insurance) -
  • be part of all AUS activities at the festival. These will typically consist of an hour mid morning ride with stops for displaying skills/playing games etc. Plus an hour late afternoon setting up slalom/obstacle/trials courses in visible locations. The organisers have also specifically asked to see some trials demos in "The Courtyard" (the street theatre pitch). This leaves the other 22 hours per day free to enjoy the festival and sleep (optional).
  • Wear appropriate safety gear
  • Transport yourself to and from the festival

You should be prepared to camp in basic, cramped conditions and expect hot weather plus a few storms, and never a dull moment!

Why - Because it will be fun, and a chance to get unicyclists together from all over Australia to help promote the sport, enjoy each others company, and exchange skills in a non competitive environment for several days. You will also receive free festival and camping tickets (value: $365 adults, $265 youths) and a free AUS Team Woodford Tee-shirt to be worn when participating in AUS events.

How - Contact Paul Carr (as soon as possible) e-mail: pdc [at] rsc [dot] anu [dot] edu [dot] au, telephone 02 6241 1934, snail mail 31 Spica Street, Giralang, ACT 2617

Please include the size of tee shirt you require!

Unicycles for sale

Paul Carr has two unicycles for sale- 26" Muni and 28" cruiser, and since he is heading up to Woodford thought he should see if anyone from Qld is interested in purchasing them. See: thegarage sale for details

Unicon Aftermath DVD

Check out for information on the UNICON XIII DVD and other unicycling videos...

"Come and Try Unicycling" Fundraiser

The Watson family (from ACTURS) ran a "Come and Try Unicycling" activity for the Weetangera Primary School Fete on 5th November 2006. They were ably assisted by Ted Colls, Celia Brown and Lizzy Rupcic (also from ACTURS).

Coates Hire generously lent some road barriers for people to support themselves on- unfortunately they were too big for organisers to transport so they came to the rescue with free delivery and collection as well. Huge thanks is owed for their generosity!

About 50 people had a go, with one taking off and riding several metres after a few tries and a number returning for a second attempt. At $2 for 10 minutes we weren't the highest grossing stall but we certainly provided a challenge and those brave enough to try had lot of fun. So far the organisers have one new family coming along to their Wednesday night sessions as a result of this activity (welcome to the Vullings family) and they gave out a number of flyers on the day so more may follow.

Report on the Gravity Weekend

by Mal Bird

On the 21st and 22nd October, seven unicyclists of different ages and abilities met at Falls Creek Ski resort for the Gravity Weekend which I organised. The concept was to ride mostly downhill and use Munis for what they are intended for: riding in the mountains.

The riders were Byron Roberts, Barry and Nick Clearwater, Ed Bell, Laurence Harrison, Kevin McKay and myself. We were lucky that we had two willing partners to pick us up at the bottom of the rides and then ferry us back up - so thanks goes to Barbel and Katrina!

On the Saturday we started at Mt McKay. Unfortunately there was a howling gale and ice was blowing across the mountain. After Mt McKay we headed down a bit to the protected north side and rode down Wombats Ramble and the Last Hoot ski runs a few times. Wombats Ramble was pretty easy but the Last Hoot had anti erosion culverts dug across it every 20 meters or so. This was a challenge for the better riders but some found them too difficult (like me). To finish off the riding at Falls Creek, Ed, Laurence and Kevin rode down the Summit Walking Track and Byron and myself used the opportunity to go back and ride Mt McKay again as the weather was slightly better.

After lunch we attempted to ride the 30ks from Falls Creek to Mt Beauty and most of us used 36" unis for this trip. The first 15 kms is nearly all downhill, however, the second 15 kms has some pretty decent up hills as well. Barry made it to Howmans Gap. Byron and myself made it to East Kiewa which is halfway. Nick made it to about the 25 km mark with 125mm cranks and Laurence rode the entire distance on his first 36" experience. Congratulations Laurence!

On the Saturday night we tried to recover by sitting around a fire at my place while some people tried to do other things while they were riding a uni, like twirling fire sticks and playing the didge (yep, Byron hopes this is a first).

On Sunday everyone had a bit of a slow start but after breakfast and we were all moving again, we headed up to a sub-alpine area near Mt Bogong known as Trappers Gap. We rode down the Eskdale Spur 4WD track a few times. This track is not necessarily steep but is very technical. Kevin still had some energy so he rode an extra 7 kms downhill back to my place.

From all the down hilling I think our legs were sore for the rest of the week. Apart from this there were no major accidents and we all had a great time and thanks to the riders who could make it. There are more photos on

(Congrats to everyone who took part... sounds fantastic! - Ed.)

AUS Membership


The AUS is a non-profit organisation - membership fees go towards the public liability insurance which allows us to support official events, and also to help support the Uninats (Sydney 2007!), which will cost several thousand dollars in up-front booking fees!

AUS membership runs from 1st July to 30th June each year. If you haven't attended an AUS or affiliate event since 1st July, you probably haven't renewed your AUS membership yet for 2006/2007. (Membership from Darwin 2005 expired 30th June 2006) Details on membership renewals, pricing and the application form on the membership page.

Please note that there is a new postal address for the AUS Membership secretary from 1st Jan 2007 - details on the membership application form.